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Malta Tourism authority
280, Republic Street, Valletta CMR 02
Tel: (00356) 2122 3595, 2122 4444/5, 2122 5048/9
Fax: (00356) 2122 0401

Medical services
Medical services in Malta are excellent and facilities are easily accessible, with a major general hospital (a smaller one in Gozo), and two private hospitals all equipped with modern facilities. Specialists for the various disciplines in the hospital have obtained their higher post-graduate qualifications mainly from the U.K. There are also a number of peripheral health centers that are open day and night. Private medical care is also available and apart from general practitioner services there are a number of private clinics where minor surgery may be carried out.

Private medical care is provided at a charge, as is the case in respect of non-Maltese citizens treated in Government Hospitals. However Malta has reciprocal health care agreements with a number of countries in respect of urgent medical care for the temporary visitors.

It is advisable that visitors check with their respective Health Authorities as to whether such arrangements exist between their country and Malta. If this is not the case, insurance is advisable.

British Permanent residents who possess a Residents Permit issued from the Office of the Prime Minister are entitled to free treatment in Government hospitals. Temporary Residents whose stay in Malta is authorized by the Commissioner of Police are entitled to a reduction of 85% of the hospital fees.

The above is a brief outline on the subject and further details should be obtained through the diplomatic representatives of your country.

For further information about Malta, go to www.visitmalta.com 

There are various sporting facilities around the Island, mainly football, swimming, gym, cricket, squash, sailing, tennis, archery, Golf at the Royal Marsa Sports Club, with 20 tennis courts, an 18- hole course to mention just a few with many other clubs and hotels offering you the best in all facilities.


Fishing and diving
The Maltese Islands have much to offer the experienced diver as well as being an ideal location for beginners. Easily accessible from all European capitals, the waters around the Islands are tide-free, warm, clear and safe. Visibility often exceeds 30m and the underwater scenery and fauna are varied and spectacular. The choice of dive sites includes caves, drop-offs, cliff sites and wrecks - by day or night and by boat or from the shore. A safe and enjoyable location can always be found, even in the winter months. Government regulates sport diving. Local professional and commercial dive centres are fully equipped to provide well-maintained equipment; clean air, instruction or accompanied dives and qualifying courses to internationally recognised standards. Government policy requires all divers to obtain a local diving permit or C-card, issued by the Department of Health for a nominal fee of Lm1. A current medical certificate, 2 passport size photos and diving logbook/qualification record showing a minimum of CMAS 2 Star and an application form are required. If accompanied by a locally qualified instructor the C card is not necessary. Such permits are renewable annually every 1st January, and specify the various conditions to be observed for the safety of participants and the sport in general. Forms and information may be obtained from the Department of Health, Hyperbaric Unit, St. Luke's Hospital, G'Mangia, Malta, Tel (00356) 2123 4765/6. Alternatively, all local dive centres will be happy to handle all necessary arrangements on one's behalf.

Marina and Yachting
Malta has well developed yachting facilities with excellent marinas offering both serviced and unserviced quays at reasonable rates. For more details and info contact: Yachting Centre Management Committee, Yachting Centre, Manoel Island, Gzira - Malta. Telephone: (356) 330975, Manoel Island: (356) 2123 5713, Msida Marina Telex: 1397 MARAF MW ARRIVAL - After proceeding to the visitors berth, the yacht's registration book, together with passports covering all crew members and passengers must be presented to Customs and Immigration officials who will call on the yacht as early as possible to issue the necessary practique. Yachts may only remain on anchor in mid-stream within the Yachting Centre until a specific berth is allotted by the Berthing Master who must be contacted at the Yachting Centre Offices or on VHF channel 9.

Berthing fees and service rates are subject to adjustments.

Mail for yachts is collected in bulk and held at the Yachting Centre Office until collected by the addressee.

Duty free bunkers for yachts in transit are available at competitive prices

Duty free
Duty free stores may be obtained after the appropriate forms are filled in. These stores will be loaded on the yacht under supervision and sealed. They may not be made use of within territorial waters.

Valletta port control
Valletta Port Control (Valletta Radio) transmits on VHF Channels 12 and 16 (24 hrs)

Weather forecast
Transmitted daily on VHF by Valletta Radio - Channel 12 and Malta Radio - Channel 4 at: Summer (Local Tiime) 0803, 1203, 1803, 2303; Winter (Local Time) 0703, 1103, 1703, 2203. Note: Announcement on VHF Channel 16.

Malta radio
Malta Radio can be contacted on VHF Channel 16 (24 hrs). TIME - One hour ahead of G.M.T. Summer time starts on the last Sunday in March and lasts till the last Sunday in September.

Shopping and public transport
All towns and villages are linked to the Island's capital, Valletta, by frequent bus service. Route numbers 62 and 67 pass by the Yachting Centre.

Excellent shopping and banking facilities are available around the Yachting Centre, namely HSBC, BOV, APS and Lombard Bank.

Yacht charter
Facilities also exist for the chartering of yachts.


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