History and Company Profile
Real Estates
a family business since 1812

Baron Properties Limited
A generation of Real Estates.

Count Lazzarro Sant Fournier (circa 1890)
Co-founder of the Sant Fournier Family Estates

Baron Properties Limited was set up in 1998. Prior to setting up the company, most of the property was bought and sold through the family’s real estate businesses, mainly by purchasing property as an investment or livelihood. The family has been in the Real Estates business for over two hundred years.

Today we have expanded our scope, beyond that of ownership by offering our services as agents to clients who also wish to buy property as a home, a second home, as a business or even as an investment.

We offer a personalised service, we are unbiased in rendering a service both to the client and the vendor, even on the rental sector to lessor and lessee. Property owners should be aware of the significant difference between an agent who has chosen not to raise standards, possibly increasing the risk of negligence, poor service and maybe even not obtaining best property price for the client and the agent who has chosen to be professional, chosen to follow the code of conduct and chosen to raise the standards in the Industry. So it is advisable to chose agencies affiliated with the Federation of Estate Agents Malta.

Property in Malta is the main hub of the driving force of the economy, much depends on any new laws that regulate the market. A slight change, or whisper of change would drastically affect the whole market.

To quote one of the competitive estate agents, “The market has to be free to regulate itself. However it is important to introduce measures to increase the supply of houses and consequently to reduce prices”.

In 2009 a new law was enacted, under the guidance of the Minister John Dalli, "The rent law Act No.X of 2009", which was a weak attempt at sorting out the ambiguous rent law. Nonetheless a step in the right direction, and we shall all keep hoping for more.






Some History

B.Tagliaferro and Sons Limited

Each family member of Baron Properties Limited is today also a shareholder of one of the oldest Property establishments on the Island, B.Tagliaferro e figli - Est.1812. (Biagio Tagliaferro & Sons owned the company in full). We are proud to claim that the company had flourished thanks to the business acumen of some formidable Sant Fournier people in the past, namely Lazzaro and Edward.

The Company was later known as "Sant Fournier and Sant Fournier en nom colletif" which at the time owned and set up "Tagliaferro Bank" (later amalgamated with The National Bank of Malta). 
The history of Tagliaferro et figli and Sant Fournier & Sant Fournier goes back to 1780's, when "Conti Giorgio Fournier" owned property and lands, thus forming the Estates of
Count Sant Fournier. 

The family later acquired Banking experience from the Tagliaferro family, and went on to merge Banking with property under the company name "B.Tagliaferro and Sons Limited" which is still in existence today. Biagio Tagliagerro had the Banking expertise to create a Banking empire which flourished for many years. 

In 1998, with all this experience in mind, the children of the late Count Alfred Sant Fournier founded the company now known as:


The family is proud to share this vast experience and will continue to do so for many generations to come. The Late Count Alfred Sant Fournier first formed the partnership/company way back in 1988 but was actually registered as a company with the MFSA in 1998, the company operates from the Capital city (Republic Street) Valetta.

New Logo since 2004

A little story behind the name and logo:  Back in the 1980's it was common amongst many Maltese to hate Nobles for their so called 'upper class' and ' privileged' status. Fortunately today this has very much disappeared, with many people claiming to form part of or even claim to be part of the Islands Nobility. 
An ancestor of the family, "Hugh", who was known for his 'dandy' ways, and whom incidentally never to be caught without his hat and cane, walked the streets of Valletta many mornings, and would salute him and shout out 'Good morning BARON' or 'Bongu sur Baruni' (sic). Many of these gentlemen were mainly lawyers, judges, notable businessmen and the landed gentry of the time who paid homage to the Count. In fact although the son of a Count, the name Baron rather stuck and when many years later a name was needed to form a company, the instant our friend and accountant mentioned the word, this rather stuck. Hence the name for the new company was formed. 

Another interesting point about the name, was the fact that it was associated with 'Land Baron' and at one time was even used by the Prime Minister of Malta of the time to make reference to a 'person of corruption'. This soon subsided as the name became a favourite amongst many businesses, and the novelty soon wore out.